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64% say that they like to be frightened on Halloween.

-Surveys On The Go

79% of our panel believe the American Dream can be achieved.

21% disagree

67% of respondents prefer brand name over generic products.

-Surveys On The Go

65% support a man based mission to mars.

-Surveys on the Go

52% of peoples’ loyalties lie with Coke.

28% prefer Pepsi.

If you could travel to any continent which would it be? (Europe - 49%)

-Surveys On The Go

79% of people would break the law to save a loved one.

half of people swear in front of their parents.

half of people swear in front of their parents.

If given the choice, 39% of people would choose to live in the suburbs. 32% would choose the city, and 29% would choose rural life.

-Surveys On The Go

17% of respondents think commercial airline planes are dangerous.

-Surveys On The Go